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Digital Economy Lifestyle Provider

Konsumee is an exclusive partner of MBits Digital Sdn Bhd which provides a New Digital Economy Lifestyle that encourages a more digitalization of Malaysia. As the on-ground service provider and deployment arm of MBits Digital, Konsumee focuses on providing services such as an E-Commerce Shopping platform, Nationwide LIFE* Store providing LIFE* products and services as well as providing entertainment through 10Ten their Digital Broadcasting TV channel under PLAY.

Our Products

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LIFE* is an Entertainment Data Plan which gives users a bundled package of non-  stop entertainment provided by partnered digital platforms within the LIFE*  platform itself. A product made in Malaysia.


A new digital broadcasting platform PLAY provides subscribers a non-stop entertainment  platform focusing on Malaysian and Asian contents ranging from movies, series, music,  podcasts and PLAY original out of the box contents.


Building a full-fibre future. Full fibre offers far more realiable, consistent and faster connections - with speeds of up to one gigabit per second.